Alice Taylor, Founder/CEO, MakieLab

Alice Taylor@makielab

Alice is Founder/CEO of MakieLab, a toys-and-games company in London and creators of Makies, the world’s first 3D Printed toy at retail. Makies are award-winning, customisable dolls, created by their individual owners via apps and games. Each doll is one of a kind, reflecting the personality and creativity of its owner.

MakieLab is developing further exciting products on its software-driven manufacturing platform, each exploring the smart creativity enabled by all forms of nu-manufacturing, including brand new IP toy-game combinations with big name partners.

Previously, Alice was Commissioning Editor, Education at Channel 4, publishing games and media for kids & teens, with awards including two BAFTAs and the Prix Jeunesse. Alice was Develop magazine’s Game Publishing Hero 2010; pre Channel 4, Alice was VP Digital Media at BBC Worldwide, Los Angeles.