Dr. James Bower, Founder and CEO Virtual Worlds IP Inc., Founder and CEO Numedeon Inc.

Jim BowerDr. James M. Bower Ph.D. is a founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Virtual Worlds IP Inc. (VWIP), whose mission is to develop and bring to the market Intellectual property related in general to immersive virtual worlds and in particular their application to learning.  VWIP’s current portfolio was developed through Whyville.net, the first online gaming virtual learning community which has been a leading innovator in game and social online digital learning since 1999.  Dr. Bower is also CEO and Chairman of Numedeon Inc. which owns and operates Whyville.net.  Dr. Bower has lobbied the U.S. Senate with respect to protecting patent rights and through Numedeon has made many IP related contracts and agreements with public and private organizations involved in Educational Technology.  Dr. Bower himself has several patents related to online immersive worlds, learning based games, online community management, as well as patents associated with his work as a computational neurobiologist.