Erin Hoffman, Cofounder at Sense of Wonder, Game Design Lead at GlassLab

www.erinhoffman.comErin Hoffman

Erin Hoffman is the Chief Designer and cofounder of Sense of Wonder, an independent mobile developer of “smart fun” games. For the past two years she has been the Game Design Lead at GlassLab, a Bill and Melinda Gates and Macarthur Foundation supported three-year initiative to establish integrated formative assessment educational games. She grew up in San Diego and is the author of the Chaos Knight fantasy series from Pyr books.

Erin has been designing games for the past fifteen years with studios and clients including Dreamworks Animation, Konami, 1st Playable Productions, HumaNature Studios, Zynga, and Simutronics. She has served on the boards of the International Game Developers Association and Women in Games International, and has had nonfiction and fiction published in leading game industry publications and science fiction magazines.

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