Scott Traylor, Chief KID, CEO and Founder, 360KID


Scott Traylor is the Chief KID, CEO, and founder of 360KID, a kid-focused content and technology company dedicated to creating a love for learning through products that educate as well as entertain. 360KID provides turnkey development services to the education, broadcast, and toy industries.

Scott started his business over 19 years ago. His company has emerged as a recognized leader in the development of fun and engaging learning products. His clients include Crayola, Disney, Pokemon, Girl Scouts, Sesame Workshop, LeapFrog, Discovery Channel, Hasbro, Highlights for Children, Nickelodeon, and many others. 360KID is a multi-award winning and three-time Emmy nominated company.

Scott is also a teacher, a life-long learner, a parent, an artist, and a kid at heart. Scott has degrees in Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. Harvard University’s Extension School has invited Scott to be a computer science teacher for over 12 years, teaching graduate students about the business of interactive development. Scott is continually reading, analyzing, and synthesizing research covering all aspects of kids and learning including new technologies, gaming, and different consumer-based delivery systems. He’s fascinated by electronic learning aids and technology instruction that is non-PC based. Learning from others is important to Scott and he’s an active participant in business organizations in Los Angeles and Boston.


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